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Goliath Season 3 Missteps, Still Oddly Entertaining.

As weird as Goliath Season 3 is, it never fails to remind us we could be victimized at anytime by profit-driven entities. It's the show's trademark, after all.

A little more uneven than prior seasons, Goliath 3.0 nevertheless has enough legal twists and turns to keep you watching. Powered by a great ensemble cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton, you’ll stay to the end and you’ll be glad you did.

The season begins with Thornton’s character, Billy McBride, getting involved with a water rights case in the Southwest. With echoes of Eric Brockavich, this season’s plot follows a familiar arc for fans of the show, that of a McBride taking on much more powerful corporate interests in defense of citizens being harmed by that company’s overreaching actions. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, or producer David E. Kelly’s other legal shows, we see a classic David vs. Goliath theme.

Dennis Quaid (Wade) is on board as the evil corporatist who puts profit before the wellbeing of the town he lives in.  Like real life cases of water rights, Wade is wrangling to put all the area’s water under his control for his company’s profit.

Taken as a whole, Goliath Season 3’s plot is thinner than the two prior seasons and relies on the always stellar performances from the cast to elevate it. But the show, as always, has an anti-corporate crime message and, as outlandish and unpredictable as some scenes are this season (the company seems like a drugged-out religious cult), it never fails to remind us that we could be victimized at anytime by profit-driven entities. It’s the show’s trademark, after all.

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